The T Lab
The T Lab

The T Lab
The T Lab

The T Lab
The T Lab

The T Lab
The T Lab


The T Lab

A unique business venue with a total surface of 185 m2 in the city centre of Amsterdam, divided over different rooms. 

The T lab holds maximum capacity of 25 guests 

However the total maximum capacity of 60 guests 

(depending on the event). This space is excellent for a workshop, cooking class or brainstorm session 

The different rooms offer lots of possibilities​

• 250 mb/s WIFI internet

• Hue-lamp system

• Bose sound system
• Beamer Canon 3200 Lumen

• HDMI Connections

• Air printer

• Flip-charts

• White boards

• Note books and pens 
• Post-its and markers 

• Fresh fair-trade coffee 

• Fresh fair-trade tea

• Catering by Kitchen Inc. click here


This room is exclusive and gives free access to all other rooms at this Location. There wil be No other clients in the same building.